Roche Featured Product Portfolio

As a global leader in healthcare, Roche offers a broad portfolio of diagnostic tools, tests, and solutions to help prevent, detect and manage diseases like HPV, HIV, hepatitis and diabetes as well as other medical conditions, such as fertility and blood coagulation. These products and services are used by researchers, physicians, patients, hospitals and laboratories worldwide to help improve people’s lives.

The products shown here will be featured in booth #1301, where you’ll be able to see them in action, and discover how they can save your lab valuable time, resources and deliver cost-effective, high-quality results. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

Expect everything. Automation without compromise.

cobas® 6800/8800 system

Revolutionizing molecular testing

cobas® Liat PCR system

Lab in a tube

Ventana HE 600 system

The future of H&E is here

cobas® 4000 analyzer series

The right fit for multiple needs

cobas® 6000 analyzer series

Delivering workflow efficiency and result quality

cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series

Intelligent LabPower

cobas p 612 pre-analytical system with centrifuge

cobas® automation solutions delivering workflow efficiency and result quality

Roche Middleware Solutions

Roche’s approach to middleware solutions helps your lab harness its full potential.

The CoaguChek® Product Portfolio

Trusted solutions featuring the CoaguChek XS PT test strip, offering 97% correlation to lab with a single-strip platform to help ensure patient safety across the care continuum.

Roche Inventory Solutions

Clarity at a click.

cobas® connection modules (CCM)*

The fast lane to laboratory efficiency

Accutrend® Plus system

Screen for cholesterol and monitor glucose quickly and easily with the #1 dual handheld meter from Roche Diagnostics.

Urisys 1100® urine analyzer

Automatic test and printout with the push of a button.

ACCU-CHEK® Inform II system

The first meter-level wireless point of care glucose device

cobas IT 1000

A highly customizable, web-based data management system that makes it easy to manage your POC testing environment.

The CoaguChek® XS mPOC Kit

A convenient, reliable way for you and your patients to record and review PT/INR results.


Roche’s commitment to innovation and investments in the future

The following content is intended to provide you with information about Roche’s commitment to innovation and investments in the future. Although we are highlighting certain developmental activities, the material in this presentation is subject to change. Some material may reflect design goals.

Please note that some systems have not been cleared by the FDA, nor are they available for use in the United States. They are in development and/or for research use only.

cobas c 513**

Setting a new precedent in HbA1c lab efficiency

cobas e 801*

Doing more with less

cobas m 511*

A new era in hematology

**This product is NOT AVAILABLE IN THE U.S. and a 510(k) submission is pending.